Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enrollement options

    Minnesota has an “enrollment options” program. Students may attend a school or program in a school district where the student does not live, subject to certain limitations (MN Statute 124D.03). This is often called open enrollment.

If your child with a disability has open enrolled in another school district, what tips might you share with other parents? Why did you open enroll? What advantages or disadvantages have you seen for your child?


  1. My son- a senior at Proctor- fit in very well with the Proctor Special Ed program. We tried buying a house in the district but ended up in Duluth. I kept him at Proctor because he was going in to 11th grade when we moved. I have to drive him to and from every day but it has been well worth it for us. The Proctor school district has been very good to us. Advice? ask around, do NOT be afraid to visit other schools if need be. Be the voice your special child needs!

  2. I have 2 students with disability and open enroll to a virtual school. LOVE the flexibility to workaround appts and maximize education at their pace. My older 5th grade student has IEP, my younger 3rd grade does not - 504 in process.

  3. After years of challenges with my child's home district, at the last IEP meeting, we could not move past barriers with team members. With heartfelt thought & consideration, our family decided it was best for my child to move out of our home district and start fresh & new. So far it has been better.


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